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AB TRASMISSIONI PRODUCTS COUPLINGS centrifugal clutch / mechanical elastic coupling / disc / rubber / with spacer elastic coupling / for shafts / rubber / flange elastic coupling / rubber elastic coupling / rubber / ATEX / sleeve and shear pin elastic coupling / rubber / compensating / flange elastic coupling / rubber / disassemblable / flange elastic coupling / rubber / flange elastic coupling / rubber / for explosive areas / ATEX elastic coupling / rubber / shaft-hub elastic coupling / rubber / with spacer / flange elastic coupling / transmission / rubber / flange holding solenoid linear solenoid / double-coil linear solenoid / double-coil / high-performance linear solenoid / single-coil linear solenoid / single-coil / miniature rigid coupling / for diesel engines / for pumps / for compressors rotary solenoid / linear / single-coil / 45° ADAPTORS/SPACER C SERIES Cast iron coupling CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH / MECHANICAL CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCHES Centrifugal clutch CI SERIES CM SERIES Compensating coupling CR SERIES CS CH SERIES CS SERIES CT SERIES Disc coupling ELASTIC COUPLING / DISC / RUBBER / WITH SPACER ELASTIC COUPLING / FOR SHAFTS / RUBBER / FLANGE ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER / ATEX / SLEEVE AND SHEAR PIN ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER / COMPENSATING / FLANGE ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER / DISASSEMBLABLE / FLANGE ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER / FLANGE ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER / FOR EXPLOSIVE AREAS / ATEX ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER / SHAFT-HUB ELASTIC COUPLING / RUBBER / WITH SPACER / FLANGE ELASTIC COUPLING / TRANSMISSION / RUBBER / FLANGE Elastic coupling FG SERIES FGDF SERIES FGF SERIES Flange coupling Flexible coupling Friction clutch G.B SERIES G.B.F SERIES G.B.X SERIES G.C SERIES G.C.F SERIES G.C.X SERIES G.L SERIES G.L.F SERIES G.M.C.S SERIES G.M.M.S SERIES G.P SERIES G.P.F SERIES G.P.L SERIES G.P.L.B SERIES G.S.F SERIES HOLDING SOLENOID Holding solenoid I SERIES LINEAR SOLENOID / DOUBLE-COIL LINEAR SOLENOID / DOUBLE-COIL / HIGH-PERFORMANCE LINEAR SOLENOID / SINGLE-COIL LINEAR SOLENOID / SINGLE-COIL / MINIATURE Linear solenoid Mechanical clutch Pump coupling Related Searches RIGID COUPLING / FOR DIESEL ENGINES / FOR PUMPS / FOR COMPRESSORS Rigid coupling ROTARY SOLENOID / LINEAR / SINGLE-COIL / 45° Rotary solenoid Rubber coupling Shaft coupling Shaft-hub coupling Sleeve and shear pin coupling Sleeve coupling SOLENOIDS Transmission coupling