Absolute Process Instruments

Absolute Process Instruments
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New K-Line Transmitters AC alarm trips AC signal conditioners Current sensors DC alarm trips DC signal conditioners 2 ch. signal conditioners Math & square root Frequency I/O Loop isolators Power supplies Potentiometer input P-I converters RTD alarms & transmitters Signal splitters Load cell amplifiers Thermocouple alarms Thermocouple transmitters Temperature indicators, alarms & transmitters Valve positioners Accessories & sockets DIN rail signal conditioner / digital / programmable / configurable DIN rail signal conditioner / programmable / 4-20 mA / opto-isolated digital pressure gauge / differential / process digital pressure gauge / with LCD display / electronic / for gas isolator signal isolator-converter RTD temperature probe / handheld / insertion / with stainless steel tube ABSOLUTE PROCESS INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS Air pressure gauge APD 4380 | API 4380 G APD 8000 API 4380 G DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGE / DIFFERENTIAL / PROCESS DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGE / WITH LCD DISPLAY / ELECTRONIC / FOR GAS DIN RAIL SIGNAL CONDITIONER / DIGITAL / PROGRAMMABLE / CONFIGURABLE DIN RAIL SIGNAL CONDITIONER / PROGRAMMABLE / 4-20 MA / OPTO-ISOLATED Differential pressure gauge Digital pressure gauge Electronic pressure gauge F20B & F20BN Gas pressure gauge HIGH-ACCURACY SIGNAL CONDITIONERS & ISOLATORS Insertion temperature sensor ISOLATOR SIGNAL ISOLATOR-CONVERTER Laboratory pressure gauge OEM pressure gauge Pipe temperature sensor Portable pressure gauge Pressure gauge Process pressure gauge Related Searches Resistance temperature sensor RTD TEMPERATURE PROBE / HANDHELD / INSERTION / WITH STAINLESS STEEL TUBE RTD temperature sensor Rugged pressure gauge Sensor signal conditioner Signal conditioner Stainless steel pressure gauge Temperature sensor ULTRA-RUGGEDIZED PRESSURE GAUGES Vacuum pressure gauge