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AND Model Capacity LCB03K003M 3kgf LCB03K006M 6kgf LCB03K010M 10kgf LCB03K015M 15kgf LCB03K020M 20kgf A&D Load Cell LCB03L Series Model Capacity LCB03K025L 25kgf LCB03K030L 30kgf LCB03K035L 35kgf LCB03K003M LCB03K006M LCB03K010M LCB03K015M LCB03K020M LCB03K025L LCB03K030L LCB03K035L LCB04K060M LCB04K100M LCB04K150L LCB04K250L LC4001-G120 Model No. LC4101-G600 LC4101-K1.5 LC4101-K003 LC4101-K006 LC4101-K015